Alpha Star® is a homogeneus calcined high alumina aggregate. Specially selected from high purity ores, the highly customised calcining process results in a dense, volume stable aggregate with low apparent porosity. The combination of lower impurities and unique processing delivers a consistent high quality aggregate.

Alpha Star offered by EcoMinerals has the following specifications:

% Grade
Typical Specifications
Al2O3 90,3 min. 89,0
SiO2 3,9 -
Fe2O3 1,4 max. 2,2
TiO2 4,0 max. 4,4
CaO 0,12 -
MgO 0,13 -
Na2O 0,03 -
K2O 0,23 max. 0,6
B.D. 3,5 min. 3,40
Apparent porosity 2,7 -
Moisture 0,10 max. 0,5


Should you have further questions in reference to Alpha Star® or a special quality / grain or need a customer specific quality / grain, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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