The start

„EcoMinerals - strategically sourcing - direct to YOU“

EcoMinerals was founded in 2006 as a sister company of Shanxi Fangshan with headquarters in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province in PRC. Shanxi Fangshan started mining and calcining bauxite in 1996 and today they are the biggest producer of calcined bauxite serving the refractory industry.

Our state of the art facility in Teida/Tianjin compares to any western world manufacturing sites. The total capacity for this newly constructed complex is 150.000 mt, and conveniently located only 3 km from the loading harbour. This makes global sourcing convenient and worry free for you, our global customers. Shipping is done from the port of Xingang, Tanjin, either by break bulk vessel or by container to your destination. Keep in mind that throughout production and internal lab inspection we re- test material against your specification several times before loading a vessel.

In addition to this facility we also operate in Xiaoyi, Shanxi province/PRC, which has rotary kiln production of 200.000 mt per year.


Mission statement

Our scope is to ensure, that you as the customer are properly represented from issuing a purchase order to receiving the highest quality bauxite to your facility. EcoMinerals is proud to represent a quality controlled product, which has been associated with highest quality of calcined bauxite for use in the refractory market.

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