Cargo is transported to Tianjin (Xingang) port by truck. Here cargo is loaded into breakbulk vessel or into container.
From Xingang cargo can be transported to every needed port in the world. After arriving at port of destination cargo is unloaded directly from sea vessel into barge.
Loading Big Bags in container
Big Bags in 20′ container
Container in harbour


Bauxit im Bulkschiff
Bauxit in bulk vessel
Containers are transported either by barge or truck to customers facility or our Warehouse.
Our warehouses are located in Borken, Duisburg and Neuss. Here the cargo is stored dry and secured for delivery or pick up by our customers.
Entladen von Big Bags aus Bulkschiff
Unloading Big Bags from bulkvessel
Entladen von Bauxit aus Binnenschiff
Unloading bauxite from barge
Big Bags in unserem Lager
Big Bags in our warehouse