EcoMinerals GmbH

„EcoMinerals – strategically sourcing – direct to YOU“

EcoMinerals was founded in 2006 as a sister company of China´s main Bauxite producer FX Minerals Pte. Ltd. (formerly Shanxi Fangshan) with headquarter in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province in PRC. We take care of the controlled output of calcined Bauxite for the refractory industry in Europe. We guarantee a constant high quality of our products. This is secured by the producer in the first place as well as by the German overseas branch.

In context of our daily duties we pay special attention to our customer needs and keep a strong contact. We rely on decades of experience in the branch of minerals for the refractory industry. We are aware of the importance keeping a strong relationship with our producer and especially to customers.

EcoMinerals is working as association between customer and FX Minerals as producer. This close cooperation enables us to optimize the quality of the material to the requirement of any single customer and be able to supply continuously on a high-quality level. In this respect we extend our service by far above offer and delivery.

Mission Statement

Our scope is to ensure, that you as the customer are properly represented from issuing a purchase order to receiving the highest quality bauxite to your facility. EcoMinerals is proud to represent a quality-controlled product, which has been associated with highest quality of calcined bauxite for use in the refractory market.


Other activities

EcoMinerals Marathonteilnehmer 2018

Metro Marathon

A few years ago we started participating in the relay race at the Metro Marathon Düsseldorf together with customers and service providers. We achieved several results in the upper midfield in a field of over 2500 participating relays.