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    With many years of experience in providing minerals for the refractory industry, we at EcoMinerals know that close and continuing contact to both the customer and the producer is important for all sides.



    Our goal is providing a controlled environment to supply the refractory industry in Europe with calcined bauxite while ensuring a constant and high quality of our products.



    While we are the connection between producer and customer, it is important to us to stay in close contact to our customers. This steady exchange allows us to find the optimal quality for each customer and deliver based on their individual needs.

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    IMFORMED – Industrial Mineral Forums & Research

    Leading Indian industrial minerals producer & world wollastonite producer Wolkem India Ltd is to present at Indian Minerals & Markets Forum. Wolkem joins an excellent panel of speakers assessing India's future mineral markets https://t.co/Swk1dsEgtw #industrialminerals #india

    Sidenor nimmt mit dem vom Einkaufsdirektor José Cruz Zirión gehaltenen Referat "Can we survive without magnesite?" an den MAGNAFORUM-Konferenzen teil https://t.co/QLVzskvi3H @getIMFORMED


    3 events now done this year, 3 still to go: 1. #Oilfield 2. #Fluorine 3. #Indian Minerals & Markets Forums. Full info here: https://t.co/OvFCHjuRPY #industrialminerals #refractories #ceramics #logistics #supplychain #fluorine #rawmaterials #oil #india #china #commodities #events

    Today we're visiting @sidenoraceros Basauri Steel Plant to see refractories in action. This follows two days of #MagForum, where we heard Sidenor's Jose Cruz Zirion, Procurement & Logistic Manager, discussing "can we survive without magnesite?" #magnesia #industrialminerals

    Industrial Minerals

    #Noble Group takes another bet on #rareearths https://t.co/o9P5wJgQ4N @FastmarketsIM @Fastmarkets #rareearthminerals

    Third week of our new GLOBAL #GRAPHITE SNAPSHOT: Lower offer prices soften Chinese flake price; amorphous and European flake prices stable https://t.co/6Mf2srge25 @FastmarketsIM @Fastmarkets #refractories #batteries #EVs

    Are you caught up? @FastmarketsIM launched new #graphite flake prices for the European & Chinese graphite #flake markets. Get your eyes on key data from the graphite pricing sessions in #Asia & #Europe for the week ending of June 13th here: https://t.co/7ggpqidBjN @JonStibbs_MB

    At last year's Frac Sand conference we welcomed over 100 professionals from the industry, including CEOs and directors of some of the biggest companies in the industry. See them here - https://t.co/1gidhnYmnl
    #fracking #fracsand